is changing its name back to Studio Legenda wordt weer Studio Legenda

The is changing its name (back) to Studio Legenda. The reason for this is simple: It's a better name.

Why it changed in the first place

When I started making and selling maps back in 2018, I started Studio Legenda as a kind of spin-off from my main source of income at the time: Making animations.

After a while, though, it became difficult to manage two brands at the same time. Those being my own and Legenda. So I consolidated everything under my own name again (Sebas van den Brink). However, finding a good name for a shop was hard. After having used "Sebasshop" for a while, I settled for

The problem with acronyms

Acronyms can be pretty good, but SVDB wasn't one of them. Four consonants together doesn't roll off the tongue. It wasn't very memorable and difficult to market. The name doesn't really explain what it is or represents.

And in a world with a billion faceless and often fake brands, "SVDB" isn't really helpful either.

Why Studio Legenda is a perfect name

The name itself came to me years before I introduced it in 2018. I was already toying with the idea of rebranding my own work and Legenda just worked. It's the Dutch word for a map's key (or legend). It helps you orient, find information. It's a great way to explore a (simplified) world. In that, it is a great metaphor for what I do: Simplify the world in easy to digest chunks.

Studio Legenda - the "Studio" part - also implies more of an art-oriented place. Perhaps bigger than one person. And that, too, helps. Since the pandemic my animation business has waned somewhat. Over the years I've longed for making a living off of my own work. A dream of every artist, I'm sure.

The maps I made and the infographics I produce are really the only way towards that. They truly are one of a kind and I just love "playing" shopkeeper. After having made animations for a good solid decade-and-a-half, I was up for a new challenge. And putting the focus on Studio Legenda really fans the flames of my motivation.

New maps are in the works. And expect more blog posts, too. Also check out the product archive, which I plan on expanding with articles and trivia on every map released.