As with everything, please note that this is a one-man-run webshop. Help with your orders or ordering is not necessarily fast but it is there. Thank you.

How to order

No, sorry. I do not provide pick-up services from my home or office. However, you can choose a Servicepunt Levering and have it delivered to a pick-up point in a store nearby.

When ordering, please use the customer note field to fill in your request. You can also get in touch before hand.

By clicking on the picture of the item you get more details on the item. Not only will you find crucial information there (for instance: size, stock, material) you will also find an "Add to Cart" button, or a big "Buy it Now" button.

By clicking the Add to Cart button, you will add it to the cart. A so-called drawer will open from the right side of your screen, showing the contents of your cart. You will be able to collect multiple items this way. There is also a cart icon in the top right of the website. If it has a red dot, that means you have something in there.

If you click Buy it Now, you will be directly guided to the checkout. This way you can immediately purchase one thing. You'll be able to review your order before hitting the confirmation button.

No, that isn't necessary. It may help you if you want to review the orders you've made in the future. I hope to also enable perks and gifts for signed up members, but it's a small shop so who knows? Sign up if you find it more convenient.

No. Please order using the store, if you need help ordering please ask someone who is more proficient in ordering from online stores.

Usually not. I prefer orders through the store.

Sorry, no. The hassle of dealing with printers for a one-off, along with adjusting the files for other materials and the emails surrounding the whole affair make it not worth my while. I very much operate on a WYSIWYG-principle.

Problems with your order

Please see the Returns page for detailed information.

Ugh, I hate it when that happens! Please send me a photograph of the damage and I will help you out from there. Of course you deserve to receive what you ordered in tact, or your money back.

If you're in the Netherlands and receive a PostNL Track & Trace, send me a message and I will look into it for you. It may be possible that something went wrong or that the mailman has signed your package off, only to deliver it a day later. It's rare, but it happens. It may be possible that I will ask you to fill in a PostNL form to open an investigation.

If you're outside of the Netherlands it really depends on how long it's been. As with Dutch customers it's possible that I can open an investigation if the package has gone missing - it really depends on the postal service in your country (and mine) how successful that will be, though. International shipping can be weird, sometimes.

In all of these cases my main concern is that you - eventually - receive what you've ordered. Or your money back.

Please see the Complaint section on our Service page.

Other questions

Sorry, the answer is probably no unless you're a business or governmental organisation. I do not work for individuals. Making maps is very time consuming and therefore quite expensive for the regular Jane en Joe.