Dutch Highway Map (2018)

Dutch Highway Map (2018)

The first Dutch Highway Map (Snelwegkaart) was released in January of 2018, after starting designing it back in 2016. It became a viral hit over Twitter in the Netherlands and sold hundreds of copies.

Snelwegkaart 2018

Highway Map
SKU: SL-M-001
ISBN: n/a
Print runs: Multiple
Release: January 2018
Size: A2

Superceded by: Snelwegkaart 2020
Currently available: Snelwegkaart 2021


As with many maps, the Highway Map was off and on in production between 2016 and late 2017. Through a tweet by me in December of 2017, the map went viral and I rushed to complete it. This map really taught me a lot on how to produce, set up a store, package and ship maps.

It was the catalyst.

I also chose to set up a brand of sorts called Studio Legenda, the umbrella under which I initially planned to start selling my maps and map services. This is why all maps in the store have SKU's starting with "SL", it is a nod to this era.


The map wasn't my first transit map, but it was the first one to feature an existing, real, system. Albeit highways in this map. I kept it very clean and white, with a few lines to delineate the coast lines of the Netherlands.

One benefit of doing a highway map was the usual lack of parallel lines, save for a few areas where highways are double-numbered. In future rail maps this proved another learning curve (but a valuable one).

As with any map, this one provided many discussions points. In later maps, the rest stops information was simplified, no longer including their names or icons. These were considered too sensitive to change.

I also felt, after a while, that A2 was too small. Even later still, I learned that it was relatively difficult to find properly fitting frames for A-sizes. So I switched to B-sizes and have not looked back.


For this map the whole issue of shipping things from a webshop proved a steep learning curve. At first I bought round tubes. The problem with these is that they can roll, therefor I was hit with a massive surcharge when shipping the first batch. Because PostNL had to manually move each tube through the sorting process, as they kept rolling instead of moving along the conveyors.

Round tubes also take massive amounts of storage when not in use. That's why I now use collapsible rectangular boxes. I have also considered using (perhaps) sturdier triangular boxes, but those are more expensive.


Many people helped out with providing feedback on this map. However, back then, my notes were scarce and none have survived the years. I would like to - again - extend my thanks to those who helped. If you are one of them: Let me know and show me an email or Tweet, I'll send you something new and nice.

Original specifications

Language Dutch
Print One-sided full-colour
Print type

Offset print

Size 42x59,5cm - 16.5x23.5in (portrait)
Paper size A2
Paper weight 125 grams
ISBN n/a


Total run 200+