Dutch Rail Map 2024
Dutch Rail Map 2024
Dutch Rail Map 2024
Dutch Rail Map 2024
Dutch Rail Map 2024
Dutch Rail Map 2024
Dutch Rail Map 2024

Dutch Rail Map 2024


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This is the fourth edition of the complete Dutch rail network, including railway lines from the past and planned and projected ones from the future.

It displays lines wether they are electrified (dark blue), unelectrified (light blue), high speed (purple), planned (dashed), projected (dashed orange), no longer in use by train passenger services (dark grey) or no longer in use or removed (light grey).

International connections are also displayed with lines being full (still active) or dashed (gone). As well as all the stations from the past and present (and a few planned ones).

It was a monumentous task and raised plenty of discussions. Some stations have moved over the years, for instance, however if the name remained the same as well as the line the stations is on, they won't appear twice (that wouldn't make much sense on a schematic map, unless they were physically on a different line, of which there are a handful of examples).

Language Dutch
Print One sided, full-color
Offset print
Size 50x70cm - 19.6x27.5in
Size type
Paper weight
250 grams
ISBN 9789083135632


Total run
Edition fourth edition

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